Treating Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can be persistent issues in a person’s life. Sometimes it manifests around work, family, fears of death or other areas that can, at times, become truly disabling. For many people, these disorders tend to “flare up” throughout their lifetime; with the “good” times becoming shorter and the “bad” times becoming longer and more disabling. In order for treatment to be truly effective, the therapy must address all areas of concern and identify signs that depression or anxiety is returning so that early intervention can be put in place. Knowing your depression and anxiety “early warning signs” and taking early action and can greatly reduce the amount of time spent suffering from these disorders. The result is a much fuller and meaningful life.

There are many approaches to treating depression and anxiety in adults. The best approach is the one that works for you. I offer an integrated cognitive behavioral and insight oriented therapy that is very effective in treating adults suffering from depression and anxiety.

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