Gifted and Talented

Characteristics of Gifted and Talented Individuals

Gifted and TalentedMany highly intelligent/talented people have intense feelings and passions that may leave them feeling unfulfilled, restless, out of place and out of synch in a world that values conformity. They may have been told that they think, feel, move, dream, and demand “too much”. These “intensities” are often the very things that make them feel alive and authentic. Understanding your giftedness, and the unique challenges and opportunities it brings, leads to increased potential for satisfaction and achieving personal and professional goals.

People with high intelligence are often very demanding of themselves and others. Not being able to live up to the high expectations they have of themselves can bring about anxiety, procrastination, depression, troubles with food, alcohol and drugs and or relationship issues (including not having relationships). By addressing depression, anxiety and other issues with an integrated understanding of how giftedness affects these issues, true healing and growth can occur. If giftedness is minimized or not understood, there is likelihood natural elements of giftedness will be pathologized rather than embraced and redirected.

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