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Constructing Healthy Families Series with Dr. Joanna Haase

This four session series is designed to help parents of twice exceptional children focus on building strong healthy families. With all the focus on “fixing” and day to day management of twice exceptionality, it is difficult to find the time and space to start creating family experiences, values and actions that not only provide us with the richness of experience and intimacy we all crave but also build skills and resiliency for our children.

Session 1: March 11  7-8:30 The Power of Knowing Your Child

Parents of twice exceptional children are often so flooded with the challenges of putting out fires that they can lose touch with where there child “is” at any given moment. Families are often so busy fighting for their child to have opportunities, accommodations and managing things on the home front, that there is little space to step back and consider how to best support their child’s growth. This session focuses on helping parents step back and evaluate a child’s readiness and willingness to participate in activities and how to also balance the needs of the family with the needs of the child. * No childcare at this first session

Session 2: April 4  7-8:30  Strengthening the Emotional Connection

Knowing you are loved and feeling loved are not the same. For many families, this disconnect leads to hurt feelings and poor conflict resolution. This session will help parents identify the different ways children and adults experience and express love and help parents start to think differently about conflict within the family. We will be also exploring the “little things” that parents can do within in the family that make a “big” difference toward creating a home where it feels like family instead of child management. *Childcare provided for $10

Session 3: April 22 7-8:30  Thinking Outside the Therapy Box

Educators and psychologists talk constantly about how we need to build competency skills in our children. This session will look at how parents can create family routines that facilitate this without “therapy”. The benefits of integrating children into the tasks of daily living as a family are essential to building a strong family and resilient children. Everything from working in groups, executive functions, anxiety inoculation, self esteem, frustration tolerance, to math skills can be fostered by rethinking how we approach family life.

Session 4: May 6  7-8:30  Helping Children Be Part of the Solution

Parents, educators, therapists and pediatricians often fall into the trap of “telling” twice exceptional children what to do and what not to do. While it is always a good idea for children to have strategies for dealing with their exceptionalities, it does not help the child build insight or create their own effective problem solving strategies that will help them throughout their lifespan. This session will focus on learning how to use the techniques of Creative Problem Solving, effectively as a family to help everyone become a part of the solution!

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